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IV Nutrition & Hydration

IV nutrition and therapies are composed of a combination of essential nutrients and vitamins that are delivered directly into the veins resulting in a much faster mechanism of delivery.  They can help restore various health issues when individualized to a patient's specific needs. We will help you determine and customize the best type for your needs.

Boost Drip
kickstart your metabolism and feel more energized. Composed of vita complex and amino blend. 

Myers Cocktail
Comprised of essential multivitamins and other nutrients (calcium, magnesium, selenium, B-vitamins and vitamin C , designed to help alleviate chronic symptoms, including ongoing pain, asthma and more. Named for Dr. John Myers, who was known for administering vitamin and mineral drips to alleviate a variety of ailments.

A combination of pyridoxine (B6), L-taurine and alpha-lipoic acid, which may help improve cognitive function, learning and memory

Replenish your body and ease hangover-related symptoms like dehydration, headache, and nausea Made of ondansetron, vita complex and mineral blend.

The Quench
Rehydrate your body and combat fatigue caused from dehydration Contains ascorbic acid, vita complex and mineral blend

Recovery & Performance
Designed to help shorten the time of recovery after an injury and potentially improve athletic ability. Include ascorbic acid, vita complex, amino blend and mineral blend.

Immunity Boost
Made of ascorbic acid, vita complex and zinc chloride. Designed to boost your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster

This IV kit mix is designed to deliver nutrients directly in the blood stream to  help burn fat and boost metabolism. It  includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds, harnessing the benefits of B vitamins to raise energy levels and support a healthy metabolism.

Inner Beauty
Designed to help bring out radiance and natural glow, believed to fortify hair, skin and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out. contains ascorbic acid, vita complex and biotin

Designed to help relieve symptoms of PMS, including reduce bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain. Contains calcium, magnesium, vita complex and B-12

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